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Based on recommendations from the Department of Health, school is scheduled to be delivered through an eLearning model.  RG staff has been preparing weekly assignments.  These can be accessed through Google Classroom; your student joined a classroom for each of their classes.  These lessons will begin on Monday, March 30. 

To access Google Classroom, your child should know his/her username and password. 

username: first.last@student.rgdrage.org

password: Capital first initial+lowercase last initial + 6 digit cafeteria pin code

      (example:  Lw123456)

Please be sure your child can get into Google Classroom and can access each of his/her classes prior to Monday, March 30.  If he/she can’t, please email their instructor so they can join the class.

Teachers will share a folder each Monday in Google Classroom with what needs done for the week and will update their grade books each Friday.  Grades can still be accessed by students and parents through the Home Access Center.

Students supported under an IEP or a Section 504 Plan will still be given the modifications and/or accommodations they would normally receive.

Please let your child's teacher know if you have any questions on the assignments provided. 

Also, your student’s school counselor will be available via email if you have any questions. 

=         If your student is a junior, please email Kim Bartholomew at kim.bartholomew@rgdrage.org

=         If your student is a senior, please email Andy McGee at andrew.mcgee@rgdrage.org.

Please be patient as our staff tries to respond to your emails.

Thank you.

Google Classroom Instruction

Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

It is an online tool used by educators to collaborate and communicate with students in order to conduct online learning.  Google Classroom allows teachers to provide resources to students, provide instruction and assignments to students and collect and grade assignments.

To log on to Google Classroom:

Go to:  classroom.google.com

username: first.last@student.rgdrage.org

password: Lw123456 (capital first initial+lowercase last initial + 6 digit cafeteria pin code)

-Make sure you are signed into your RG DRAGE GOOGLE ACCOUNT, not your personal gmail account. Google Classroom works best with Google Chrome as your browser.

1--Once logged in, students will be able to view all of the Classrooms they joined.  If you don’t see a Classroom of a class you have, be sure to contact that instructor by email so they can help you join.

2--Click on the class name (not the assignment listed).

Assignments/Assignment folders are posted in the middle section (it’s similar to a FaceBook feed).

3--Click on the assignment itself (not the title). Clicking on the assignment will open the Document.  


4--Once the assignment is completed, click the TURN IN button and follow directions.  The TURN IN button is in the top right corner

Remember, Google Classroom works on computers, Smart Phones, and some gaming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One, for examples).

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